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Arthur Ross Awards


Nominees may be an individual, firm, institution, or organization in the United States or from abroad.


Each entry must be a single PDF file sent to Entries may be sent via Dropbox, WeTransfer, or by other electronic means. If the nominator feels strongly that a hard copy portfolio is the best representation of a nominee’s work, this may be submitted to the Institute with a postmark by the submission deadline. All submissions – digital or hard copy – must include the following:

• A letter describing why the nominee should be considered for the award (up to 1 page).
• A company or individual profile (up to 1 page) if appropriate.
• One page with visual highlights (e.g. drawings, plans, photographs, etc.). For example, click here to view a sample page with image highlights.
• Up to 25 additional pages of images may be submitted. A page may be a composite of images or a single image. Drawings and plans are encouraged, in addition to photography. The portfolio should also include captions and/or descriptions of the work being shown.
• Nominations in the category of History/Journalism/Criticism/Writing/Editing/Publishing may include a portfolio with photographs, publications, clippings, research projects, and any relevant material. Submissions in this category should also include excerpts of work. This should comprise up to four (4) excerpts of no more than ten (10) pages per excerpt.
• Submissions may be in landscape or portrait format.
• Up to three (3) published books may be submitted as supporting material to the above. All books submitted will be considered, as per protocol, gifts to the ICAA library for use by our students, staff, and members and will not be returned. If you previously submitted books that are now part of the ICAA library, please note which three you would like the jury to review as part of your updated submission.


If you have submitted hard copy materials, you may arrange to pick them up from the Institute offices. All materials must be picked up by March 1, 2018.


Please note that the deadline for submissions to the 2018 Arthur Ross Awards is Friday, December 8. Digital submissions are strongly encouraged; however, submitters who feel that a nominee’s work will be best represented by submitting a hardcopy portfolio may do so.

Hard copy entries may be sent to:

Institute of Classical Architecture & Art
20 West 44th Street, Suite 310
New York, NY 10036

Should you have any questions, please contact Mimi Bradley at (212) 730-9646 ×102 or


Q: May I nominate myself for an award?
A: Yes, self-nominations are accepted.

Q: I’ve previously been awarded an Arthur Ross Award. May I submit again?
A: Previous winners of the Arthur Ross Award may not submit or be nominated in the same category for which they have previously received an award; they may, however, submit in another category, if appropriate.

Q: May posthumous nominations be made?
A: No, the committee does not accept posthumous nominations.

Q: Are undergraduate or students eligible to submit or be nominated?
A: Many of the ICAA regional awards honor student work. Please consult our list of regional awards.

Q: Must nominees be a certain age or be at a particular place in their career to be considered for an award?
A: The Arthur Ross Awards honor lifetime achievement, one’s career, one’s body of work. Candidates tend to not be at the very beginning of their career. However, in the past, juries have awarded younger candidates who have a considerable and impressive volume of work.