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Parthenon Frieze: Horses and Riders


The NORTH FRIEZE is a continuation of the procession that began on the west side. The north, and south, friezes describe the calvacade – a procession of horsemen and chariots that travel behind the oxen, porters and musicians. The multiple groups of horsemen are illustrated in low relief with overlapping gestures; they appear to have slowed down their gallop in order to proceed behind the walking procession. On the north frieze, there are also unarmed, solo horsemen to symbolize the coming of a peaceful ceremony.

This cast shows several horses and riders from the north frieze.

Period of Original: Greek

Origin of Original: Greece, Athens

Location of the Cast: 20 W. 44 St. New York, NY USA

Provenance: Metropolitan Museum of Art

Condition: Damage to the cast exists on the upper center edge and the lower right corner.

Additional Information:

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