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Classical America Series in Art and Architecture

Since its inception with the republication of The American Vignola by William R. Ware in 1977, the “Classical America Series in Art and Architecture” has been a leader in the publication of important books related to classical design, architecture, painting, and sculpture. The mission of the Series is to promote understanding and appreciation of classical art and architecture and encourage the application of the historical principles and techniques of the tradition in new works for our own time. The intended audience of the Series includes design practitioners and students as well as the interested layman or potential patron.

  • The Series has returned to print a number of essential texts for classical art and architecture, beginning with The American Vignola. These have been supplemented by titles on individual architects, buildings, or styles presenting documentation of the models upon which new classical work will be based. Fourteen books are currently in print.
  • The Series seeks to promote both historical scholarship and new classical work. In addition to reprints, the Series includes new titles, such as the forthcoming Architecture of the Classical Interior, by Steven W. Semes, and Monumental America, by Catesby Leigh, and includes examples of contemporary classical practice as illustrations in both new and reprint volumes. Sculpture, garden design, and town planning have been under-represented in titles released to date and new or reprint titles in these subjects will be actively pursued.
  • The historic commitment of the CA Series to books on painting and sculpture will continue with new and reprinted titles in these subjects.
  • In support of the teaching programs of the ICA, the Series will expand its offerings of textbooks with its proposed Library of Classical Design covering composition, rendering, perspective, and other skills in an inexpensive uniform edition.
  • The Series will solicit the views of book sellers and readers to monitor sales and more precisely identify our market. The Series will continue to work with a number of publishers to obtain the most cost-effective means of getting its books to the widest audience. New strategies, policies, and agreements will be negotiated with publishers to streamline and regularize the process of bringing new books to market.