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New 20th and 21st Century Classicism in England

September 28 - October 5, 2017

Tour arranged by Classical Excursions

In the 1977 edition of Classical America, Editor William A. Coles wrote an article titled “The Architecture of Raymond Erith, R.A.” Erith was considered the most distinguished English classical architect of the post-World War II era, a time when the endeavor of classical architecture in Great Britain (as well as in America) was nearly extinguished. Erith had died four years earlier, but fortunately his former pupil and then business partner was Quinlan Terry, who today continues the highly respected and successful practice in Dedham, Essex.

Coles underscored this important stance: “…that American classical architects be in touch with their counterparts abroad. Work in different countries will always differ according to local tastes, materials, and traditions of building, but the experience of classical design is a precious accumulation which must be shared if it is to continue and to prosper. Our Classical America President John Bayley and Mr. Quinlan Terry have both spoken of the essential uses of experience in architecture. Mr. Bayley, during his work on the Frick Museum extension, remarked to me that for a design problem which he had to solve laboriously, a McKim or a Trumbauer would most likely have had a solution at hand because they had encountered the problem before…. Mr. Quinlan Terry…makes a similar point: ‘a knowledge of Vitruvius is fundamental, but knowledge tempered by experience is essential to avoid amateur results…’ ”

With these thoughts in mind, the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA), in collaboration with Classical Excursions, is pleased to inform you that Clive Aslet, renowned architectural historian, former editor-in-chief and now editor-at-large of Country Life magazine, will lead an eight-day tours with special access to some of England’s finest new classical architecture.

Focusing briefly on London and then the counties encircling the city, as well as Cambridge, Clive will take us to see city and country residential work, collegiate settings, new urban communities, and even the studios and homes of some of the leading classical architects today.

The excursion will include the work of Raymond Erith, Quinlan Terry, John Simpson, Robert Adam, Hugh Petter, George Saumarez Smith, Craig Hamilton, and Ben Pentreath, among others, and proves that 20th and 21st century classical architecture in England remains thriving and influential.

Highlights of the tour include:

  • Visit to the Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace designed by architect John Simpson

  • Private lunch and tour at the new classical Laskett Gardens and home with owner Sir Roy Strong, CH, the former director of the National Portrait Gallery and Victoria & Albert Museum

  • Visit to Easton Neston, an early 18th century house by Hawksmoor with a new wing and restoration designed by Ptolemy Dean for the American designer Leon Max

  • Visit to Williamstrip Park, c. 1700, a Cotswolds country house redesigned by John Soane in 1791 and restored a few years ago by architect Craig Hamilton, who also added a new family wing and a separate Greek Revival pool house. Mark Gillette was the interior designer for the projects

  • Visit to Fawley House, Oxfordshire, brought up to date by Ben Pentreath

  • Visit to Great House, Dedham, the former home of Raymond Erith, and now the home of his daughter Lucy Archer

  • Visits to the ADAM Architects offices at Winchester, as well as nearby country houses

  • Visits to the Gothick Villa, Corinthian Villa, and Hanover Lodge designed by Quinlan and Francis Terry Architects in Regent’s Park, London

  • Visit to Poundbury, the new traditional town commissioned by the Duchy of Cornwall in Dorset preceded by a talk on its development by architect Hugh Petter

  • Visit to McCrum Yard at Eton College designed by John Simpson, as well as Howard Theatre at Downing College, University of Cambridge designed by Quinlan and Francis Terry Architects

  • Private events hosted by Quinlan Terry at his home Highham Hall, and by John and Erica Simpson at their London home, among others

    For further information, contact Tom Hayes,, 413-243-4155.

The tour price is $3,890 per person, based on double occupancy. A single supplement of $900 per person applies. Please note a fully tax-deductible donation of $500 per person is required to participate in this Travel Program.

Image Credit: Quinlan and Francis Terry Architects, Wikimedia Commons/Stephen McKay